Vegreville Bantams Going to Europe
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Gage Warrington, Derek Tatarin, and Alexander Kitz players from the Vegreville Bantam A team, are getting excited about the hockey opportunity they will have this summer.  Dale Paulsen, Manager for the Top Guns – Canada Cowboys AAA Europe Hockey Tour scouted these boys during a Provincial Zone playoff game in Vegreville in February.  He was impressed by the play of the Vegreville team and offered the chance for several boys from the team to play as part of the Canada Cowboys 1997 AAA team.  These three boys accepted the offer and will be making their way to Europe on July 29, 2012 until August 12, 2012.  The team will represent Canada in a couple of exhibition games and an 8 team tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. The tournament has teams from throughout Europe as well as this Canadian team.

Dale Paulsen has been putting teams together for the last 7 years and taking them on a hockey experience of a lifetime.  This team included boys from both Saskatchewan and Alberta that are born in 1997.  Dale spent a couple of months scouting players to make up the team that will represent Canada in the Czech Hockey Challenge Cup in Prague.  He says that in the last couple of years the teams that he has put together have placed in the top 3 in the tournament.  He is excited to see this team come together for a week’s training camp in Canmore at the end of July.  He expects that they will have great success in the tournament.

Not only will the boys have the opportunity to play some great hockey but their trip also includes guided tours throughout 4 European countries. They will experience stops in Germany(Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Fussen, Neuschwanstein), Italy (Balzano, Vipiteno, Verona, Venice), Austria (Villach, Graz, Vienna), and of course the Czech Republic (Ceske Krumlov, Prague).  

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