2017 Pond Hockey League
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pond Hockey Program
Spring 3 on 3 Pond Hockey League Introduction

3 on 3 Pond Hockey League
Spring 2017 Monday-Thursday
    Pond Hockey is a Recreation NON-Contact league based on fast paced, full ice hockey game played with small numbers of players.  This ensures that each participant gets lots of ice, a good workout and a vast amount of development in his/her game play.  The Springbank Twin arenas are being utilized for for this league.
The focus of the pond hockey league will be to advance their hockey skills
 through game play and provide a fun, social and family 
atmosphere for all. The basis of development for each of the Top Guns 3 
on 3 pond hockey teams will be a blend of warm up and league play 
between April and the end of June. Each ice time will consist of a 
10-minute WARMUP, followed by a fast paced 3 on 3 Pond hockey league

The rules of our 3 on 3 Pond Hockey League support the philosophy of 
continuous play, fast aggressive skating, fast puck movement, individual 
player creativeness and great goaltender showdowns.

On busy days when schedules with other sports occur send a sub to 
play pond hockey for you! (must be on the sub list to be insured)


Program consists of:



  • Each session consists of 10 minutes of WARMUP and 50 minutes
     of 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Game
  • 20 sessions per season - averaging 2 sessions per week 
    (ice schedule permitting)
  • League jersey, T-Shirt and Helmet Stickers supplied
  • players will be grouped into appropriate levels to make it 
    competitive for all players
  • Qualified hockey skill developers will conduct each session
  • Players of Div 1 or 2 levels must register in division above as an underage
Players can request to be seated with specific players/buddies within the 
same division but may be asked to play with the opposing team to ensure 
league parity.
    Age Divisions:    
                             Novice - Open for Registration
                                  Atom     - Open for Registration 
                                  Peewee - Open for Registration 
                                  Bantam - Open for Registration
         Midget   - Open for Registration


    Entry Fee is $575 (GST Included)

    REMEMBER, you can either enter players from your winter team, or enter
     a fun summer team, or even get a few friends together and come out to 
    experience the thrill and excitement.  

    ***** Subs can be registered online for player replacement (sickness, holidays, etc)   To get your player on the sub list, use the link for Sub Registration to your left.  
    Sub Registration will be open FOR REGISTRATION on February 1, 2017.  Subs will be issued a punch card with 6 game limit per registration.   These are non-transferable due to insurance reasons.

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