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3 on 3 Spring Pond Hockey League (2008)

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for including Stephanie and Alexandra Rempe in the Atom 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Program at Cardel.  The girls had a fantastic time and really enjoyed playing the caliber hockey that was offered.  


Again thank you very much for all of your efforts we really appreciated it!



Ron & Janice Rempe






A big thanks from Mark and Codyn Cunningham.

The 3 on 3 pond league was very well done, the on ice instructors were second to none.

Codyn's skill and skating levels went up tremendously and we are very appreciative.

Thanks alot and we will see you next year, with an addition of our youngest Quaid.


The Cunningham's




3 on 3 Spring Pond Hockey Tournament (2005)

Competitive Exciting & Fun Why 3 on 3 hockey?  What’s all the hoopla?

Today’s minor hockey programs are a far cry from those experienced by previous generations.  The stories, while perhaps embellished for the listeners, recount miles of walking to outdoor rinks, huddling around pot bellied stoves warming cold hands and feet amid hours and hours of shinny on outdoor rinks.

While the evolution of programs has certainly provided countless advantages, one disadvantage from my perspective is the lack of opportunities today’s kids have to play in a less structured, creative hockey environment... a replacement for the days playing shinny with nothing but fun and imagination as the motives.

3 on 3 Pond Hockey helps to fill that void for today’s kids.  Ask the observers who have witnessed a Top Guns, 3 on 3 Hockey tournament and the comments will undoubtedly indicate excitement and suspense.  Most importantly the kids love the open ice and high pace.  Further, it is my conjecture that they learn far more about hockey creativity in a weekend of 3 on 3, than in any other hockey experience.

I have enjoyed the past 3 sessions of the Top Guns, Spring and Fall Pond Hockey Tournaments as a coach of 1995 kids.  The tourneys are top notch with certified on-ice officials, minor officials, awards and lots of fun.

As a coach and hockey dad, I highly recommend it.

Tom Morrissey, Play It Again, Rockies


3 on 3 Spring Pond Hockey Tournament (2005)

Spring 2005 was the first season that my son took part in the TopGuns All-Star 3 on 3 Pond Hockey.  My son is a National Sports Academy candidate and wished to continue with some on the ice work after the PeeWee community season was completed.  TopGuns provided a great fun way to do that.  This year due to numbers in the north, TopGun teams were comprised of Bantam and PeeWee level players.  The players were mostly top PeeWee 1, and 2 skaters and the Bantam players were AA, 1, 2 and 3.  The caliber of the players that attended was top notch.  The level of play was fast and furious. This turned out to be a fortunate circumstance.  My son is a goalie and he just thoroughly enjoyed the ice times.  He faced an enormous amount of quality shots.  Breakaways were plenty.  This again was fortunate. My son felt h is reaction time, goal sense, and saves percentage improved every time out.  This was due to the emphasis on fun and offense.  Top Guns also provided a goalie instructor.  My son felt he provided some great tips to help improve his play.  Most players enjoyed the recreational concept, had fun competing and played top notch hockey.  As a result the excitement on the ice was plenty and my son improved his play.  He was able to put to use skills learned t

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